Sunday, September 14, 2008

Captivating Capiz "The glorious Roxas City"

The Diocese of Capiz was created on January 27, 1951 and was elevated to an archdiocese on January 17, 1976. Capiz has a population of 652,809, of which 90 per cent are Catholics. Capiz is one of the provinces on the island of Panay. It is part of a group of provinces forming the Western Visayas group now comprising Region VII. Discover Roxas City, the City of Roxas is the provincial capital of Capiz Province, a part of Panay Island where Miguel Lopez de Legazpi located when he arrived from cebu.
Punta Tabuc, Roxas City is one the Barangay of Capiz, it celebrated fiesta during september 28. And it join the celebration of event in Roxas City.
And of one most important annual events is the Sinadya sa Halaran Festival. A fusion of two major festivals "Sinadya" (City) and Halaran (Province) which literally means a joy in sharing and thanksgiving. It is celebrated on December 4-8 to commemorate the Feast of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. If showcases a variety of civic, cultural and religious activities that embody the true Capizeño spirit. The highlights of the celebration are Dancing Parade, "Higantes", Fluvial Parade, Fireworks Display, Mutya sa Halaran Beauty Pageant, Seafood Festival, Coronation and the Fiesta Queen and Agri-Aqua Trade Fair
Halaran Festival (every 1st week of October), Roxas City. This festival depicts the colorful history and culture of the Capizeños back to pre-Spanish times particularly the landing and settlement of the Bornean datus. Halaran comes from the Visayan word, halad meaning gift or offer is aimed not only to unfold the charms and beauty of the province but recapture the color and romance and its history. Legend has it that the Bornean Datus gave gifts to the aborigines of Panay as tokens of goodwill and friendship. This resulted in a colorful Halaran celebration highlighted by eating, drinking and dancing to the exotic beat of drums. Halaran is street dancing, lissome Capizeños and babaylans with their offerings to the spirits. It is celebrated every first weekend of October.
Sinadya Festival "A celebration of the Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion." Sinadya is celebrated every year in the city of Roxas to commemorate the Feast of its Patronees, Our Lady of the Immaculate Concepcion, which is on December 8. It marks the anniversary of the Parish of the Immaculate Concepcion, which was established in 1707, now what is called the Archiocesan See. Sinadya means "Let Be Happy", and its showcase Cultural and Religious activities that express the spirit of the Capizeño. As a religious feastivity, the faithful honor their Patronees and Mother through traditional rituals, line the Fluvial Parade, the Prosesyon Sang Birhen and Misa sa Plaza in gratitude for the bountiful blessings they shared through her intercession. For a Capizeño, the fiesta is a time for sharing, merriment and enjoying God's blessings. Thus, Sinadya brings forth joy and entertainment through activities such as the Comparza, Grand Parade with Higantes, Children's Fancy Press Ball, Sinaot Variety Show, Coronation of the Fiesta Queen, and many more. For Roxas City, the fiesta is a time to showcase its development to a busting and progressive "City of the Sea". Balikbayans and guest will marvel at the economic boom of the City, mainly because of the dollar earning prawn industry and other agri/aqua-based industries. Visitors/Guest will surely enjoy a feast of fresh seafood's, specialties and sweets produced locally. A Fiesta Trade Fairwill showcase the ingenuity of Capizeño craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. Sinadya is jointly managed by the Church Hierarchy, the City Government and the People, p articularly the Non Government Organization (NGO's) all sharing their resources, talents and efforts to make the fiesta a grand and memorable celebration.
The tourist spot that mostly visited by the tourist are BAYBAY BEACH it is just three kilometers away from the city circle,OLOTAYAN ISLAND an hours to travel from city proper, MANTALINGA ISLAND has been identified as an ideal diving spot for scuba divers and a perfect rotunda for sailboat (dilayag) and kayaking contests.
The tourist will visit Roxas City can stay at top most Tourist Class Traditional Hotel like Baia Norte Beach Club Hotel Capiz and Roxas Presidents Inn and many more to stay in Roxas City, Capiz.
And can eat at various restaurant and grill in Baybayon seafood plaza where they can choose different type of fresh seafood of Roxas City. They can shop at Gaisano main and Gaisano MarketPlace. They can go to Pangahaw resto bar, At area one where they can party hall night with a lot of drinks.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Being a College Student of Filamer Christian College

Some years ago, when I was in my high school, I'd never dream of having the Filamer Christian College as my official school to take my course in college.
It only came out when I was graduated at my high school. I am the one who choose filamer to be my school for college. But of course I am not the one who choose my courses but my “tiger look brother”. Being a College Student of Filamer Christian College he wants from me to take computer science as a four year course. His reason why he choose it for me because he think computer science is a general courses as he said. For the first place I never wanted the course but as time goes by I realized that computer science course is good and being with computer all the time, It's like exploring the wonders of the world.
Back to my memories when I first step in to Filamer, having a first day of my class. Oh my, that day I feel so totally stranger because I never knew someone else. Adding to my nervousness I don't know where to find my room. I feel so terrrible that day and I remember my attire was “jologs”. But now i've change a lot from a simple girl turn outs to a characterised and personalized woman. I can say that because Filamer Christian College made me a better person over for four years in staying here. I learned to accept challenges thats comes to my life like being survived in every semester. Filamer trains me to build up my talent and skills in participating the contest when founders are come. I learned to mingle with other people because being with the college shyness is not acceptable.
I have only seven months of staying in my dearest Filamer Christian College and I can say that after I graduated I will always remember the memories that will never fade in my youthfullnes at Filamer Christian College because it molds my personality to be a good citizen of my country.